Oliver (Ollie)

Hey, there. My name is Oliver, but you can call me Ollie.  Either works.  I'm easy like that.  At about three years old, I am very laid back.  Some days I seriously enjoy sitting on the couch or just laying next to a wood fire (or electric... it's whatever), but I can also become playful too.  Tug-of-war? I'm your guy.  Well honestly, I have no idea if I like tug-of-war, but I do like playing. ;) I get along great with dogs, cats, and children. OOH AND GUESS WHAT ELSE!!! I am very well behaved and I would love to show you just how great I am. You should come down and see my stunning behavior, then take me home after. 


Ahoy there, mateys. My name is Captain and I would make a great first mate. Not only am I a very good listener (AYE AYE!!), I am also very fun.  All work and no play? No sir.  I absolutely adore running around in wide open spaces and playing with other dogs.  Don't fret, I get along with people too. I get very excited when I meet new people (I'm only one year old so it is understandable), but I mellow out very soon.  If you think these freckles are cute, you should see them in person. See you soon!