There's help available to residents of Converse County to spay or neuter your dog or cat with a local veterinarian.

To see if you qualify for assistance please see our Voucher Application and **Voucher Income Qualification scale. Vouchers must be picked up at the shelter. If you qualify, LPHS will provide a $50 voucher for a cat spay/neuter, or a $100 voucher for a dog spay/neuter. Vouchers must be used at a Converse County veterinarian clinic.

Please contact the Executive Director Cathy Feezer-Jones at The Laramie Peak Humane Society for more information:

Cathy Feezer-Jones

(307) 358-6475 

**We are aware the Voucher Income Qualification Scale link is inactive.  We will fix it the moment we have time. Thank you for your patience.  Please call if you would like the information the links have.