Foster an Animal Today

What is fostering?

To foster an animal is a great gift and act of kindness. The animals hold a special place in your heart and you make a world of difference in their lives!

Fostering is when you host a pet in your home temporarily, while we seek a permanent, loving home. You simply do what you do for your own pets- just for one more happy little face!

Who should foster?

To be a successful foster parent, you will need a compassionate nature, the cooperation of your family or roommates, flexibility, and some knowledge of animal behavior. People often think if they have a pet already, or kids, they cannot foster- this simply isn’t true! Most fosters have more than one pet, and many have kids…fostering is a great experience for children, teaching them empathy and generosity…they learn how to give and think about other creatures and people in a new way… a lesson that stays with them forever!

Why is fostering an animal important?

By providing a foster home, you offer a supportive and loving environment that helps ease the transition from the shelter to a forever home. Some pets do not fair well in a loud, unknown shelter environment, but they do fantastic in a home setting. When pets are at their happiest, they are far more attractive to adopters!

How long is a foster commitment?

Foster arrangements can be for a few weeks to several months. It helps us get to know the animals personality and how they will act in a home environment.

If you think you're ready to foster an animal in need, or you have more questions, stop by the shelter or give us a call!

ADDRESS:  612 N. 2nd ST, Douglas, WY 82633

PHONE: (307) 358-6475


Absolutely wonderful staff and foster parents. They have a rare passion for finding animals the perfect home and it’s great to see.
— Foster Friend, A Partner of LPHS